EHS Partnership

EHS offers reliable, comprehensive
and proactive wellbeing care

EHS recognises the value of every member and is guided by the fundamental principle of establishing a long-term relationship with a wide spectrum of diverse membership/ clientele by enforcing commitment to leadership, excellence and fairness in providing superior, and flexible healthcare insurance solutions.


Years of Experience






Countries in Africa and Expanding

To provide peace of mind by offering reliable, comprehensive and affordable health insurance to all. We ensure our customers have access to quality healthcare and support services at the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

Our Values


Despite our solid foundation, we encourage a start up spirit. To achieve the best results in a changing environment we need to explore, anticipate, embrace change and take risks. We promote an environment in which our employees can take ownership and responsibility for their projects and decisions.


We act with transparency and integrity - not just with our business partners and amongst colleagues but also with our wider communities through CSR (Corporate Social Responsiblity). We foster an honest, diverse and inclusive workplace where every voice is heard. 

Customer & market excellence

We go the extra mile to ensure excellence at every touch point. We seek customer feedback and anticipate market trends to continuously improve our products and solutions. Our ambition is to set the industry benchmark.

Collaborative leadership

The leaders within our business, at all levels, are team players. They provide purpose and direction to their teams and empower them to champion their own projects. Our inclusive and respectful culture promotes collaboration across teams and divisions and the exchange of best practices and knowledge. 

Our Brand Journey

Our History


EHS opened offices in Mombasa, Kenya & Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Strategic Partnership with Allianz Partners.


EHS celebrated 23+ years of commitment to build a healthier Africa by delivering comprehensive health plans.


EHS opened offices in Lusaka, Zambia.
Aetna Inc. & International was purchased by CVS pharmacy.


EHS, in partnership with Primary Group, We celebrated 10th Anniversary partnership with Aetna International.


MIC, in partnership with Aetna Global Benefits, We were licenced in Tanzania and opened offices there.


EHS, in partnership with Primary Group, Goodhealth became a part of Aetna Global Benefits, later rebranded to Aetna International.


The company was re-branded under the present name Executive Healthcare Solutions Ltd. (EHS). Soon after, EHS ventured into rest of the African market.


MIC, in partnership with Primary Group, Goodhealth’s EHP was specifically designed for Africa with plan types from basic to comprehensive all of which cover Evacuation to a country of choice.